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Scentsy | Cyprus | Incentive

Global consultants come together in Cyprus, the island of love!

The Brief

One of our direct selling clients tasked us with delivering their annual incentive with consultants from Europe and the US.
With consultants from both Europe and the US able to qualify for the trip, we had to find a destination which was easily accessible, able to deliver the sunshine craved by the client and also a range of activities all available from an all inclusive property.

The Challenges

The main challenge for the team was the logistics of bringing the consultants from multiple US and European locations to the island of Cyprus. The other challenges included the need for an all inclusive property, two different activities unique to the destination and meeting space for the training and awards breakfast.

The Solution

Using our European destination knowledge and a comprehensive flight analysis of the options, we worked with the client team to choose Cyprus as the location. With a strong culture and unique activities, Cyprus was able to tick all of the boxes highlighted in the brief.

The chosen property exceeded all expectations delivering a great range of dining options within an all inclusive package, state of the art meeting space for the training and awards ceremony and a great range of leisure activities including swimming pools, beach, horse riding, spa and state of the art gym.

The guests enjoyed a VIP beach day taking over the beach of the Columbia Beach hotel complete with watersports and massage treatments for all of the guests. In complete contrast to the relaxation of the beach spa day, the second activity saw the attendees split in to groups before exploring the islands historical and scenic landmarks completing tasks along the way in their bespoke 'Great Cyprus Race'.

The event climaxed with a fully themed Cypriot night in the Temple of Aphrodite featuring Cypriot cuisine and entertainment, awards ceremony and DJ to whom the guests danced the night away


Destination sourcing
Supplier contracting and negotiation
Launch video
Communication campaign
Delegate management
Flight booking
Onsite management


We are always proud of the work our teams put in to events especially when they are logistically challenging, delivering flight solutions no matter where the guests came from.