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Audiences engaged through Q&A, live polling and breakout sessions

Conferences & Events | Series of Global Virtual Meetings 2021

Engaging audiences
during a pandemic

In late 2019, we were awarded a series of 7 Investigator Meetings to be delivered across the globe during 2020 and were able to deliver the first two events in Melbourne and Las Vegas before the pandemic hit in March.

Once it became clear that we would not be able to deliver the Live Events, we worked in partnership with our client to develop and implement a virtual solution which would enable us to continue to engage with the global audiences and deliver the remaining 5 meetings that were essential to the success of the clinical trial.


Global meetings delivered in a virtual world

We worked in partnership with our client to create the ideal agenda for the virtual meetings, ensuring they were concise, engaging and informative for the delegates reducing the meeting duration from 2 days to 5 hours. The series of meetings allowed healthcare professionals from around the world to join through our bespoke and fully client branded virtual portal.

One of the biggest challenges for virtual events is to deliver the same levels of audience engagement and interaction and this was achieved through live presentations, animations, Q&A sessions, live polling and breakout sessions all delivered with the option of simultaneous translation in multiple languages.

The combination of clear communication with the delegates, a concise agenda and interactive online platform ensured that the audiences remained engaged and informed throughout the virtual events.

The results

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