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  • Destination sourcing
  • Contracting & negotiation
  • AV & production
  • Delegate management
  • Event & venue branding
  • Onsite management
  • Entertainment
  • Branded gifts


Berlin 2019, Rome 2018, Portaventura 2019

Key fact

Exclusive take-over of one of Berlin’s biggest markets for an exceptional welcome dinner

Conferences & Events | Pharmaceutical, Berlin 2019, Rome 2018, Portaventura 2017

Original thinking
year after year

With an international delegation of 500 travelling from 42 countries for a sales kick off, the aim of the conference was to motivate, inspire and be fl awless in its execution to achieve these goals 3 years in a row.

Our client is always looking to make the next event special in a different way to the previous year. This gives us a great opportunity to innovate and be original with our ideas, so that we can ensure the event is fresh and exciting year after year.


The small details that
make a big difference

Conference schedules rarely give delegates time to explore local sites, so we aim to incorporate exciting and authentic local experiences that wouldn’t be possible on a tourist visit. Taking over Berlin’s largest market for a welcome dinner extravaganza was no easy feat, but we were able to arrange an exclusive, open evening, branded to the event where delegates could browse the stalls while enjoying unlimited local food and drink.

Moving 500 people around 20-30 meeting rooms, in 5 minutes, two or three times a day has the potential to create chaos. Perfecting logistics is something we take time over and is unequivocally as important as the fun, creative elements of the event.

Dedicated, experienced staff, crystal clear signage and a focus on the minute details, ensure a smooth, hassle free event. Details like this may not be noticed by attendees but that is the aim – if we’re doing our job REALLY well, they’ll hardly notice we’re there!

The results

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