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Project details


Medical Devices


200 – 300


  • Event planning
  • Venue sourcing
  • App design & build
  • Concept design & full conference identity
  • AV & Set design
  • Registration platform
  • Contracting & negotiation
  • Delegate & onsite management


Madrid Marriott Auditorium and Castillo de Vinuelas

Key fact

Over 200 delegates watched a demonstration simultaneously using virtual reality headsets

Conferences & Events | Medical Devices, Madrid

The Future:
Delivered in Madrid

A paperless, tech focused conference was the brief that came out of our initial discussions with the client, and together we developed a truly memorable conference – and one that delegates will talk about for years to come.

We delivered an on brand, tech focused conference with a powerful identity, a highly complicated and robust AV setup, a full and engaging itinerary, and cutting-edge media that allowed delegates in Madrid and across the globe (via the event app’s live feed) to experience what felt like a conference from the future.


Technology Driven,
Patient Focused

The event lead with a strong “Technology Driven, Patient Focused” message. To fulfil the promise of technology driven, we collaborated closely with the client’s technical education and training team to enable us to deliver:

Hands on simulation sessions

Virtual reality headset demonstrations for all the live participants to view simultaneously

Talks from guest speakers using the latest hologram technology

A rich and education focused agenda

It really felt like the future had arrived and from the feedback we received, the audience agreed.

By delivering an exciting itinerary, alongside engaging content, and immersive activities we ensured the conference was a success and truly memorable experience for the delegates. If you’d like to learn how we can support, or fully deliver with your next conference Contact Us

The results

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